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Những câu hỏi thường gặp về sMoneybox

What is sMoneybox and what is it for?
sMoneybox is a simple online wallet which enables documentation of your earnings and expenses.
Is sMoneybox a paid service?
No, sMoneybox is FREE!
Are my personal data safe?
Yes, your data are safe. JVK Consulting s.r.o. is registered at the Office for personal data protection of the Czech Republic under the registration number 40289.
I am afraid that sMoneybox is too complicated for me.
sMoneybox is a very flexible system. It is only up to you how much of it you will use. For example, if you want only one account you won't have to deal with account settings. You can hide the filtering panel in the list of records. Category, budget and regular payment settings doesn't have to be used. The system could offer a very simple tool but also a really complex system which provides you with possibilities to gain total and comprehensible overview over your finance.
How could I find out for what and how much do I spend?
There are three ways to display your spending.
  • On the page with records there is a filter on the right side which enables to select only those records you wish to see. The filter control is very simple, though it is a powerful tool. This way enables to display individual records and thus you get exact overview of each item.
  • On the page with statistics it is possible to display charts of earnings, expenses, money flows, money in categories, etc. Charts provide a quality, quick and comprehensive overview. Each chart has an explanation for more precise description. Again, it is possible to use filters to specify your selection.
  • On the page with statistics there are also overviews in purely text form. These overviews are suitable for printing. Moreover, they add new information to charts.
Can I add records via mobile phone?
Yes, sMoneybox enables to handle records via mobile phones. You can find access to mobile version is on page here.
I keep my own earnings and expenses documentation, can I easily transfer it to sMoneybox without having to add records one by one?
Yes, if you keep your records on your computer, you can import your records. sMoneybox enables to import records in the following formats:
  • Excel
  • general CSV format into which most systems are capable to export
Import is very intuitive and simple. The way data are sorted will be chosen in sMoneybox. You don't have to set anything or modify data in your system.
I keep my own earnings and expenses documentation in a different system which do not provide possibilities of sMoneybox. Can I easily transfer my records to sMoneybox?
Yes if your current system enables export you can import your exported records to sMoneybox. If sMoneybox doesn't support the format of exported records, please contact us.
I perform regular payments every month. E.g. I put some money to my savings account. Does sMoneybox enable to automate adding such records?
Yes, sMoneybox enables to set regular payments. You choose a start date of regular payment and recurrence. You can choose from three predefined periods (day, week, month) and one in which you can set a number of days after which regular payment will be repeated. sMoneybox also enables to send notices about regular payments.
I often forget to document my earnings and expenses. Could sMoneybox remind me of inactivity?
Yes, sMoneybox enables to set reminder. You can choose the period after which you will be notified about inactivity.
Is it possible to set limit for a category after the exceeding of which I would be notified?
Yes, it is possible to set budget for categories. After exceeding this budget you will be notified. Time period for a budget could be week, month or year. It is also possible to transfer the exceeding amount to a new period. That means that the budget in a new period will already contain the exceeding amount from a previous period.
I don't like the colour of a category in a chart, is it possible to change it?
Yes, you can change colours of categories in the category section.
Is it possible in sMoneybox to have more accounts under one registered email?
Yes, after registration you have automatically set one main account. If you want to have another one, e.g. bank account, there is a link to add a new account on the right side of the list of records.
Where can I change email and password?
It is not possible to change email, it is used as a user name and it is unique. Password can be changed in the profile editing.
What are informative emails?
These are emails which provide information about the system news and updates. It is not a spam! It is useful to have them turned on because some news in the system doesn't have to be apparent at first sight. These emails are sent rarely.
What is SMS email?
It is an email provided by your mobile operator. This email is usually related to your phone number and you will get what is sent to it by SMS. SMS email settings are located in advanced settings of the profile editing.
What are favourite categories?
These are categories which are used by most users.
Why setting time zone?
sMoneybox is used all over the world. Some operations depend on time and time in various parts of the worlds differs. If you want to be notified e.g. for regular payment in the right hour it is necessary to have set the correct time zone.
What is integrated help?
If you set the integrated help to be displayed you will see in some places this icon: Help.
I often add records composed of more items. Is it possible to add these items easily?
Yes, sMoneybox has two types of calculators integrated. The first is a common one which you can display by clicking on the calculator icon in the top right corner. You can copy the result to a form with a new record by one click. The second is integrated directly into the form field where the amount is entered. You can write here e.g. 95 + 63. Automatically a record with amount of 158 will be created.
Why am I presented as anonymous in the forum?
If you want to be presented in the forum under some nickname it is necessary to choose it in advanced settings of the profile editing.
Is it possible to cancel an account?
Yes, you can cancel your user account. But you will lose all entered records and settings. The account cancellation is irreversible!
There isn't the answer for my question, what should I do?
Write us to hoặc ở địa chỉ email diễn đàn.